About Us

our ultimate goal, why we are doing what we do

Our vision is to build a volunteering hub that will connect volunteers and beneficiaries from across the world to build a better society.  We will enable company employees to have access to high impact volunteering when they want, towards what they want, wherever they want.  

It is also achieved through collaboration and a structured internal communication effort.  We are committed to supporting CSR and volunteering managers to achieve success.

what we are currently doing, how we’ll achieve our vision

Our mission is to create an online platform that provides a meaningful and engaging array of volunteering activities to individuals and small teams that can be accessed from their place of work and which can provide real time reporting on business and community impact and value.   


Online Volunteering Services was founded in 2020 to give companies broader access to volunteering.  The organisation was created specifically to provide online volunteering access for colleagues that are unable to leave their place of work due to minimum staffing levels, such as call centres or retail areas.  It was also formed to enable businesses to reach out to remote or isolated communities where the company does not have employees.  Our platform is able to align activities to business strategies and report against these with a real time dashboard. Our head office is in North Hampshire within close reach of central London.  We have a team to continually develop our platform, research volunteering opportunities and support business users. 

We have a sister company EVCiC UK and Ireland www.employeevolunteering.co.uk  www.employeevolunteering.ie

They provide physical team events and can also help build remote team events around specific causes your business works with and these can all be listed on our platform for employees to take part in and track their volunteering time.

If you'd like to discuss getting your company setup, please get in touch