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Online Volunteering Services (OVS) aggregates and curates a wide range of quality online volunteering opportunities. They range from short 10 minute to longer ongoing commitments that help support charities, education, communities, environment, research scientists, museums and galleries.  OVS provides individual quality volunteering opportunities for businesses to offer to their employees.  It provides activities that can be done from a desk and gives charities and other beneficiaries access to volunteers.  It is simple and easy to use and allows employees and businesses access to dashboards to view usage and export for CSR reporting and company messaging.  Opportunities are being researched all the time, so new activities will become available and others paused or archived.  The platform has a feedback and suggestions section where users can send information on volunteering activities they would like to include and also to let us know how they are finding the experience.  We can also help companies develop and build their own volunteering opportunities, for example, a programme to support a charity of the year.

  • Individual and Team online volunteering in one place​
  • Site branded to company look and feel​
  • Accessible to colleagues nationally and globally​
  • Feedback system to enable colleagues to recommend new ideas​
  • Volunteering time and impact recorded ​
  • Reporting aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals​
  • Company can build bespoke programme with charity of the year
The Volunteering Business Case

The business case for volunteering is well documented with evidence on good returns on the investment.  Key benefits include improved colleague morale and motivation, improved retention, better recruitment, reduced sickness and absenteeism and improved perception of the employer.  In many cases a strong volunteering or corporate citizenship ethos provides a competitive edge in a tendering process.  The value to the community is also well documented. 

measure the difference you make
easy to use reporting dashboards

Allow your employees to easily track their time whilst volunteering and then see the results in our easy to use dashboard.

  • Real-time visual reporting
  • Measurable impact
  • Drill down from company to regions, sites, departments and teams
  • Filter results on categories
  • See what the average usage is for your employees
  • Export your whole dataset and create your own more detailed reports

If this isn’t already enough, we can provide bespoke reporting just for you, drilling down into all aspects of your company data!


Our online volunteering activities are mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Online Volunteering Services platform records and can report on this. 

If you'd like to discuss getting your company setup, please get in touch