Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains when and why we collect your personal information as part of our provision of online volunteering services, and also explains how we use your information. If requested, we will provide you with a copy of this Privacy Policy for your records. “We”, “Us” “Our” refers to Online Volunteering Services Limited.

Table Of Contents

  1. About us
  2. Our processing of your personal information
    1. Prospective Clients
    2. Existing Clients
    3. Clients’ Family Members, Business Associates or Beneficiaries
    4. Other Business Partners
    5. User Of Our Website
  3. What marketing activities do we carry out?
  4. How long do we keep your personal information for?
  5. What is our approach to sending information overseas?
  6. Your rights
  7. Cookies
  8. Contacting us
  9. Updates to this Notice


  1. About us

Online Volunteering Services Limited have developer an online platform that allows companies to volunteer on a number of different initiatives online and then log their time. The purpose of this is to enable companies using the platform to demonstrate and report on the corporate social responsibility activities of the company and the impact this has had.

The system allows users to select and take part in online projects and log their time spent doing this. Reporting on the time spent, the category of projects and the project details are made available to the individuals and for the business as a whole.

  1. Our processing of your personal information

We only collect and use limited personal information about you. This includes your email address and what part of the business you work in (the region, site, department and team). We also collect time logs of your activity on the site and which projects you have volunteered on.

Where you provide personal information to us about other individuals (for example, members of your family or other dependents) we will also be data controller of their personal information and responsible for protecting their personal information and using it appropriately. This notice will therefore apply to those individuals and you should refer them to this notice. In order to make this notice as user friendly as possible, we have split it into different sections. Please refer to the section that best describes your relationship with us. 

  1. How will we collect your personal information?

We will collect information directly from you when:

  • you register on the website
  • you undertake a task on the website related to an online volunteering opportunity
  • you use the time logging functionality (automated through a browser plugin, timed using the manual timer, added manually as a log) 
  1. What will we use your personal information for?

Your personal information is used to identify where you are within an organisation and to report on your volunteering time. This takes place as part of the following:

  • Your personal reporting dashboard
  • Summary reporting dashboards for wider groups of company staff (Department level, Region level, Company level)

We will also use your information to see how many people are using the system within a given company, and at what level they are using it (i.e. how many hours each user is logging) in order to manage the licensing of the product and to judge if users are active or can be deactivated.

From time to time we will use your contact details to make you aware of issues affecting accessibility or functionality or new products and features within the platform, such as a new volunteering opportunities.

  1. Who will we share your personal information with?

Your information is only available to be viewed by admin users of the company you work with and with system admin users from Online Volunteering Services Limited or its partner company Employee Volunteering CiC (who arrange bespoke programs of volunteering).

Your information may also be made available to Third Sector content providers as part of the reporting dashboard, if you have provided feedback or content through one of our modules for transcribing. This is only available through our admin dashboard in order to see who has contributed the content.

  1. How long do we keep personal information for?

We will keep personal information on the system for as long as you remain a user. If your user is deleted from the system then time log data will be retained for company reporting purposes, but will be anonymised.

  1. Your rights

You have several rights which you can exercise at any time relating to the personal information that we hold about you and use in the ways set out in this notice. Please contact us at any time if you wish to exercise these rights; we will not usually charge you.

We respect your rights and will always consider and assess them but please be aware that there may be some instances where we cannot comply with a request that you make as the consequence might be that:

  • in doing so we could not comply with our own legal or regulatory requirements for example we are under obligations to hold records of our dealings with you for certain periods of time; or
  • in doing so we could not provide services to you and would have to cancel your client agreement, for example we could not enter into investments on your behalf if we had deleted your personal information.

We will of course inform you if any of the above situations arise and if we are unable to comply with your request.

  • The right to access your personal information

All of your personal information is available to you through the interface. You are entitled to a copy of the personal information we hold about you and certain details of how we use it.

We are happy to provide you with such details but in the interests of confidentiality, we follow strict disclosure procedures which may mean that we will require proof of identify from you prior to disclosing such information. We can provide your personal information to you in writing unless you request otherwise. Where your request has been made electronically (e.g. by email), a copy of your personal information will be provided to you by electronic means where possible. As your information is available to you through the interface, we may charge a fee in order to provide a specific report to you.

  • The right to rectification

Please help us to keep your personal information accurate and up to date so if you believe that there are any inaccuracies, discrepancies or gaps in the information we hold about you, please contact us and ask us to update or amend it.

  • The right to restriction of processing

In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to stop using your personal information, for example where you think that the personal information we hold about you may be inaccurate or where you think that we no longer need to use your personal information. 

  • The right to withdraw your consent

Where we rely on your consent to process your personal information, you have the right to withdraw such consent to further use of your personal information.

  • The right to erasure

You are entitled to request your personal information to be deleted in certain circumstances such as where we no longer need your personal information for the purpose we originally collected it. When you exercise this right, we need to consider other factors such as our own regulatory obligation, to assess whether we can comply with your request.

  • The right to object to direct marketing

We do not carry out any direct marketing activities.

  • The right to object to processing

In certain circumstances, where we only process your personal data because we have a legitimate business need to do so, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.

  • The right to data portability

Data cannot be ported to another system as the data is specific to this system. It can be exported as a CSV on request.

  • Rights relating to automated decision-making

We do not carry out any automated decision making to provide products and services to you.

  • The right to make a complaint with the ICO

If you believe that we have breached data protection laws when using your personal information, you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

You can visit the ICO’s website at for more information.  Please note that lodging a complaint will not affect any other legal rights or remedies that you have.

  1. Cookies

The website uses small text files that are stored on your computer or in your browser – to help us to deliver the functionality of the system (for example, keeping you logged into the website). We do not use cookies for any other purposes except these necessary functional items.

  1. Contacting Us

If you would like any further information about any of the matters in this notice or if you have any other questions about how we collect, store or use your personal information, you may contact us using the following email:

  1. Updates to this notice

From time to time we may need to make changes to this notice, for example, as the result of changes to law, technologies, or other developments. We will provide you with the most up to date notice.

This notice was last updated on 3rd November 2020.